Football Unites, is a project that is committed to the integration of Syrian refugees and their active participation in the society in Mardin and Istanbul. Sport and especially football are excellent opportunities for sustainable integration. Through training, orientation trips and playing together, refugees can be accompanied in the search for a new home. Football is inclusive and connects local residents with people on the run and supports them in their search for security and security. Community feelings are aroused, group experience is conveyed and exchange opportunities for the life situation of the refugees are made possible. Language, origin and religion do not matter in the open field!

Flying Library is a project jointly implemented by the Sultanbeyli Municipality, Refugees Association (Mülteciler Derneği), Yuva Association and the German Cultural Center Goethe-Institut, that has brought a mobile library to Istanbul's Sultanbeyli district, which has a high-concentration of Syrian population. With the help of the Sultanbeyli Municipality, organizers hope the library would act as a meeting point for Turkish and Syrian children, where they can interact through different educational and social events like music, art, theater, circus, cinema, sports and games.

The project launched its first library in the Turkey's southern province of Mardin and aims to create a supportive environment for underprivileged Syrian children, who can only go to school rarely if at all, as well as Turkish children and to teach them how to live in harmony. A group of trainers and volunteers are offering education to children at the library five days a week.
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